GSA announces first “Chief Greening Officer”

gsa_Austin_Courthouse-150x150Poaching from the private sector, the General Services Administration has named its first “Chief Greening Officer” to aggressively pursue “innovative sustainable practices within GSA’s large portfolio of government-owned and leased buildings.” Eleni Reed has moved over from real estate giant Cushman and Wakefield to lead the GSA in “greening” the nearly ten thousand government-owned or -leased buildings in its portfolio.

It’s a positive step, and a move toward addressing President Obama’s ambitious 2009 Executive Order ordering increased sustainability in federal operations. As GreenBiz’s Joel Makower points out, Reed’s position focuses on green buildings, but will have larger reverberations – the GSA itself hopes its CGO will “drive GSA’s efforts to be a green proving ground and a market-maker for state-of-the art and emerging technologies.”

With an annual budget of roughly $20 billion and oversight of more than a quarter of federal spending, the GSA‘s decisions have enormous effects across the US every day.

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