Government in My Backyard (GIMBY)

Government is in everyone’s backyard, and government performance affects all of our lives for better and for worse.  Coal mine collapses, oil spills, and foreclosure epidemics make it ever more clear that when the federal government doesn’t act in time, or doesn’t carry out the laws and regulations it is charged with maintaining, bad things happen.  But federal agencies can also help development and improve America’s communities.  We’re building GIMBY to help citizens engage more effectively with the federal government and see what government is doing right where they live.

Working in partnership with The Washington Monthly, we’ve received support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family and Associates, the Kovler Fund, and hundreds of individual donors around the U.S. to build GIMBY into a robust web platform that will look at executive branch performance far beyond the Beltway.

We need your support to get GIMBY to launch.  Please join us in building GIMBY with a tax-deductible contribution by clicking here.