Help Us Launch GIMBY

Anti-government rhetoric is on the rise.  And every day we see reasons to be skeptical about government’s ability to solve problems.

But attacking government and people trying to make a difference in public service is not the answer. And like it or not, government is here to stay — so we all need a say in how to improve the way it works.

That’s why we need your help to launch GIMBY — Government in My Backyard — a new web platform Understanding Government is building together with The Washington Monthly to help Americans find out what government is doing where you live, right down to your individual zip code.  GIMBY will deliver:

  • News on what 30+ federal agencies are doing in your community;
  • Tools you can use to contact federal agencies directly;
  • Original reporting and blogging about government from Washington, DC and around the country

We’ll share news about the best work government is doing and report on government mistakes and inaction too.  We can improve America’s government with the strongest resource there is:  knowledge.

Your tax-deductible contribution — building on major support we have received to date from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, the Rockefeller Family  & Associates, the Kovler Fund, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and many generous people from across the country — will make a difference.  Please donate today by credit card or via PayPal here:

You can also send us a check at:

Understanding Government
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We’ll send you a letter acknowledging your support and fill you in on our newest projects. We appreciate your support of GIMBY!