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Crazy Idea Dept.: make things safe before you sell them

That’s what Dominique Browning is proposing in the New York Times.  She explains why “the system is broken” when it comes to product safety, and the surest evidence is in baby’s bottles.

In real life, not so easy to ban BPA (but who said life was going to be easy?)

Denise Grady’s insightful report in the New York Times makes it clear why it’s so hard to remove the plastic bisphenol-A, or BPA, from various products — and from our own bodies.  The reason is America’s general approach to food and product safety.  This approach puts the onus not on industry, but on scientists (in and out of government), who must prove that it a product is unsafe after it has already been introduced.  Grady contrasts our approach to that of the European Union, which favors the “better safe than sorry”  method for approving the use of chemicals people are going to ingest.   Seems like in America, it’s better sorry than safe. (more…)

Chemicals in our lives: Industry self-policing doesn’t work

Here’s why industry self-policing doesn’t work when it comes to dangerous chemicals. Last month the Environmental Working Group found that those shiny grocery and gas station receipts contain high levels of the chemical, bisphenol A (“BPA”), which is absorbed into our skin.  The Food and Drug Administration is already considering whether to regulate BPA found in plastic food containers – including baby bottles – but only after a public outcry. (more…)

BPA: Could California again be an environmental leader for the U.S.?

California’s state Assembly delivered a sharp slap across the face of the chemical industry Thursday, approving a bill that would phase out a controversial form of plastic from certain items made for young children.

The strategically named “Toxin-Free Toddlers and Babies Act” would ban Bisphenol-A or BPA, a type of plastic, from baby bottles and other items designed to be used for feeding children under age 3 in 2012, according to Susan Carpenter of the Los Angeles Times. (more…)

BPA: Statistically insignificant quantities

For an instructive view into the legislative sausage factory, look no further than the battle over Bisphenol A. (more…)