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Clout city, baby!

U.S. Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood attended Rahm Emanuel’s inauguration as Chicago mayor yesterday — and LaHood sounds eager to work with the new mayor. Tim Jones and John McCormick of Business Week report:

Soon after his swearing-in, [Emanuel’s] transportation advisers will go to Washington to discuss high-speed rail and other projects with LaHood’s staff, the transportation secretary said. “Rahm is going to have some very, very strong and significant partners in this administration because he wants to get things done,” LaHood said.

Why does LaHood want to help Emanuel? Here’s an unsubtle hint: LaHood said that, “Rahm has a lot of friends in this administration because he helped many of us get these posts that we have.” So LaHood could route some federal transportation money to Chicago, possibly at the expense of cities not governed by Barack Obama’s former chief of staff.

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