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Federal News Digest — October 5, 2011

Washington Post

President Obama goes on the attack, to Democrats’ delight [President Obama, bipartisanship, politics] – David Nakamura and Paul Kane report that despite President Obama’s low approval rating — even few Democrats believe he has a good chance of re-election — members of Obama’s party do like his new stauncher stance on issues and views

Bernanke tells Congress to cut out the brinkmanship over budget [Federal Reserve, bipartistanship, tax policy, budget deficit] – Neil Irwin and Lori Montgomery report that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has told Congress to stop the battle over tax and spending policy and slash budget deficits more than planned — but slowly enough as to not undermine economic growth

Obama: ‘That’s right — I care’ [President Obama, health-care, Presidential approval] – David Nakamura reports that President Obama has finally come up with a comeback for rivals who derisively refer to his 2009 health-care law as “Obamacare”

Still waiting for air safety improvements [FAA, Transportation Department] – Al Kamen outlines how slowly some regulatory measures tend to move through Washington — highlighting the snail’s pace that air safety regulations are forming after a 2009 airplane crash and lofty promises of change

Spending measure gives Postal Service 6 more weeks to pay [Postal Service, budget] – Ed O’Keefe reports that the House approved a measure that will keep the federal government running through November 18, also giving the Postal Service time to come up with the cash needed to make the annual payments required to prefund the future retirements of its workers

New York Times

A closed-mouth policy even on open secrets [President Obama, open government, C.I.A., drone attacks] – Scott Shane discusses the phenomenon of government information that is public, yet classified — citing the way in which President Obama discussed the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki without mentioning “drone” or “C.I.A.”

G.O.P. accuses Holder of misleading Congress [Attorney General, Operation Fast and Furious] – Charlie Savage reports that some Republican lawmakers are pressing for an investigation of Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., accusing him of misleading Congress during testimony about the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious

Wall Street Journal

Partisan fight flares over new bank fees [President Obama, Dodd-Frank, banking policy] – Victoria McGrane reports that Republicans and banking industry members are blaming increased regulation for the increase in banking fees, just a day after President Obama criticized the increases — this comes after Bank of America announced its plan to add a $5 monthly fee for debit card users to recoup revenue lost undera provision of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law

GOP pushes for jobs-bill vote [American Jobs Act, bipartisanship] – Carol E. Lee and Janet Hook report that congressional Republicans are calling for an immediate vote on President Obama’s American Jobs Act, hoping to expose the limits of the bill’s support within the Democratic party

Phone-subsidy system faces overhaul [FCC, telecommunications] – Amy Schatz reports that the FCC plans to overhaul the Universal Service Fund, an $8 billion federal program which subsidizes phone service in rural areas and to schools, libraries and low-income Americans

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