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In worry over federal debt ceiling, California puts $5 billion in the piggy bank

Preparing for the day Washington’s brinksmanship results in financial calamity, California’s state treasurer is lining up $5 billion in loans, reports Kevin Yamamura of The Sacramento Bee.

The move is being launched to forestall a “cash flow disruption and market turmoil” should elected federal officials fail to break their impasse, leaving the nation’s most populous state unable to pay its bills.

According to Michael Marois of Bloomberg, the state will seek competitive bids on the private notes July 26. In the event that congress averts a crisis, the sale will be canceled.

Too male to fail: Budget negotiations missing fifty percent of the population

Where are the women?

Nowhere to be seen in discussions on the nation’s financial future, reports Kate Ackley of Roll Call in an article about the lack of women on the White House-Congress budget negotiation panel.  15 women’s organizations have asked the White House to include women in negotiations on the national budget between the White House and Congress. (more…)