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Medicaid problems popping up all over

After hearing screams from local officials that decay and blight will spread across the state if redevelopment agencies are dissolved, Medi-Cal advocates are now employing every argument short of “death panels” to blunt proposed cuts to the federal-state program known elsewhere as Medicaid.

According to a comprehensive look presented by Christina Jewett in CaliforniaWatch, supporters of the program are warning that a proposed hard cap of 10 doctor or clinic visits a year is a “death sentence” for California’s sick and poor. (more…)

Stimulus funds in California: Supervise if you’re going to weatherize

The California Inspector General’s office says a contractor hired to weatherize homes, and paid for by federal stimulus funds, overbilled the state agency overseeing the money by $34,803, Timothy Sandoval of CaliforniaWatch reports.

The report also notes that workers and supervisors performing weatherization renovations on homes have not been adequately trained, (more…)

California power plant – breakthrough in ‘clean coal’?

It could be a breakthrough for electricity generation, or an innovation Americans will come to regret.

Funded in part by stimulus and other federal funds, a planned California power plant would convert coal and petroleum coke into hydrogen which would then be burned for electricity. According to Will Evans of CaliforniaWatch, the key feature of the new plant, to be built and run by BP and a joint venture partner with strong BP roots, is “carbon sequestration,” the modern day alchemist’s holy grail that will (more…)