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Plain language about managers at California’s high-speed rail system

More uncertainty is emerging about California’s planned $43 billion bullet train system, after a state report recommended a serious shakeup in the management and spending on the joint federal and state project.

As Dan Weikel of the Los Angeles Times reports, California’s non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office released a 28-page report raising serious doubts about both the decisions being made and the decision-makers themselves. The report urges that management of the entire project be stripped from its appointed board — the California High Speed Rail Authority — and turned over to the state Department of Transportation, more commonly known as Caltrans. (more…)

A real drain on California’s environment

Federal regulators warned California’s Department of Transportation, Caltrans, that it will face fines unless it does a better job at preventing pollutants from road construction and maintenance work from reaching the state’s waterways, reports Zusha Elinson of the Bay Citizen.

EPA inspectors found trucks leaking anti-freeze and oil, along with various petroleum products not properly contained, as well as state employees washing down equipment directly into storm drains. (more…)