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NRC says Diablo Canyon is safe — case closed?

Is Diablo Canyon destined for disaster? Well, according to a story by Suzanne Rust of California Watch published by the San Francisco Chronicle, that all depends on which government agency you believe.

According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (and the utility that owns the plant, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.), the plant is safe. Totally safe. So safe, the NRC insists, that further studies are unwarranted. (more…)

FEMA not waiting for the “Big One”

Federal officials are looking to move disaster planners to safer grounds. According to Michael Shaw of the Sacramento Business Journal, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), is scouting  for Sacramento area office space where it hopes to relocate a regional office now in Oakland.

“FEMA has been reviewing the location of all its offices to make sure they’re in the safest space,” agency spokesman John Hamill said. “And Oakland is on a fault line.” (more…)