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Will Illinoisans be put to work after September?

Pat Quinn

(Update: A House tax bill that included generating $11 billion in new revenue failed to pass Friday, dimming prospects that Congress will fund “Put Illinois to Work” and like state job creation programs beyond September.)

Illinois has the worst state budget in the nation, but it ranks no. 1 for something less dubious: participation in a national jobs creation program subsidized by $5 billion in stimulus money. The U.S. Congress may determine whether Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn  was smart to dive head first (more…)

Temporarily Better Than A Jobless Recovery

The New York Times’ Louis Uchitelle has an important article explaining that many of the new hires last month were temporary, not permanent workers. The Bureau of Labor statistics attributes the unemployment decline in 36 states to the hiring of temporary workers. And this only counts temps hired through employment agencies. This suggests that employers don’t have much confidence that the economy is recovering. Which really stinks for their employees.