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Stimulus In a Parallel Universe: What America Can Learn from ‘Put Illinois to Work’

Tonya Grisby, a 39 year-old grandmother who lives in Chicago’s predominantly black and mostly poor Austin neighborhood, worked at a warehouse until December 2009. But the person Grisby carpooled with to work got laid off and, without a ride, Grisby was soon laid off as well.

Grisby had few prospects for employment until last May when she was hired by Chicago’s Westside Health Authority thanks to Put Illinois to Work – a government subsidized job program. Uncle Sam paid for Grisby to work a 40 hour-a-week front-desk job that paid $10 an hour. (more…)

Illinois Blogging: Gov Cracks Down on Gangs — What Are Gangs?

The Chicago Tribune’s John Byrne reports that Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a law stipulating that gang members caught with a loaded gun will receive at least three years in prison. They will receive a maximum of ten years in prison, even though possession of firearms is otherwise legal in many parts of Illinois (it’s not legal in Chicago).

The Chicago Police Department are big supporters of the law. But what are gangs? (more…)