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Green light for green jobs retraining?

Thousands of auto workers, laid off when a California auto plant closed up shop, will get $19 million worth of federal help for re-training, US Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis announced Monday.

The funds will help provide counseling, assistance, training and assessment benefits to those not qualified to receive help through the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance program (note the user-unfriendly web page you can link to if you’re out of a job). (more…)

Green Job Blues

The Washington Post’s Alec McGillis had a great piece this weekend revealing that the $25 billion “green jobs” portion of the stimulus bill has, well, yet to produce more than a few dozen green jobs. It’s a complex issue but the crux of green jobs seems to be this: If you are first concerned about global warming or whether federal and state governments use energy in an efficient way, it’s a promising program. If you are first concerned about job creation, “green jobs” stinks. (more…)