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Immigration reform dreams deferred

Pat Quinn

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed the “DREAM Act” into law Monday, legislation that will create privately-funded scholarships for documented and undocumented immigrants to attend public and private colleges in Illinois. The Chicago Tribune’s Monique Garcia reports that Illinois DREAM Act supporters “will continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform in Washington, noting the new state law is a small but important step forward.” But Washington can’t deal with the federal version of the DREAM Act, much less comprehensive immigration reform. (more…)

Illegal immigration and WI dairy farms

Georgia Pabst of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had a critical — and flawed — piece Saturday on E-Verify, the joint Dept. of Homeland of Security/Social Security Administration program that makes employers check the citizenship status of their workers. Right now, E-Verify is voluntary — but new legislation would make it mandatory. Pabst implies this would be bad for Wisconsin dairy farmers, the vast majority of of whom employ illegal immigrants. But it could have the positive effect of curbing the exploitation of these workers. (more…)

GOP governor praises immigration

This is pretty interesting: Rick Snyder, Michigan’s newly elected governor and a Republican, gave a speech at Wayne State University yesterday extolling the economic virtues of immigrants. Kim Kozlowoski of the Detroit News reports that Snyder and Michael Bloomberg were the premier speakers at a conference called “Immigration & Michigan’s Economic Future.”

Obviously, Detroit could use international immigrants, Indiana immigrants, really any immigrants to restore its rapidly dwindling population. But it seems politically risky for a national Republican figure to encourage immigration. Perhaps the chances of immigration reform are so dead that Republicans are no longer nervous about the issue.

Obama administration tries to protect undocumented from legal scams

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Georgia Pabst reports that the Justice Dept., Federal Trade Commission, and Dept. of Homeland Security are launching an investigation into notary publics that scam illegal immigrants. Immigrants mistakenly think that the notary publics are licensed attorneys who can help them apply for citizenship status, but there have been cases where these notaries have taken money without providing any authorized legal guidance. The federal effort includes the creation of an online consumer database that will log complaints against notary publics.

“Secure Communities”: Fingerprints of failure in immigration reform

On May 4, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn wrote a letter to U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement stating that Illinois planned to leave Secure Communities, an immigration deportation program where ICE uses fingerprints collected by county jails to apprehend illegal aliens.

The reason for Illinois leaving Secure Communities was simple. (more…)

President Obama prepares to storm another formidable fortress

Perry Bacon, Jr. of the Washington Post reports that the Obama administration is getting ready to try again with Congress to create a comprehensive new approach to immigration, focused on continued strong enforcement and deportation of illegal immigrants along with what Bacon calls “the creation of a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.”  As David Corn writes, President Obama doesn’t seem afraid to take on numerous complex issues at once, and he seems aware of the risks involved in taking on big problems.

By now, we shouldn’t be surprised if Obama is ready to tackle immigration — a fight that could be on par with the 2009 health care reform bill.

Forget Arizona: The real immigration changes are in Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Johnson of the suburban Chicago Pioneer Local has a nice piece today that walks through the local and national political battles recently waged over immigration policy. What her reporting shows, though, is that immigration advocates have largely overlooked major changes made by the Obama administration. (more…)

SF and Silicon Valley look to opt out of immigration checks

Local officials in California are going head to head with federal authorities over a program requiring local law enforcement to cooperate with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency’s attempts to deport undocumented immigrants. (more…)

Immigration enforcement: problems and problematic solutions

Is there a difference between an illegal immigrant and an illegal immigrant who has filed papers for residency status?  Immigration raids across the country have rounded up both categories of undocumented workers, and, as Julia Preston reports in the New York Times, Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division has decided there is a difference.  Prosecuting a smaller number of illegal immigrants may help ease a backlog of court cases besetting another Homeland Security department — Citizen and Immigration Services.  But it’s also inciting an ideological debate and tension in the ranks at ICE. (more…)

Chicago’s divided immigration attitudes

The Chicago Tribune has a headline today proclaiming that, according to a Tribune/WGN poll, “Most Chicagoans don’t want police to hunt illegal immigrants.” That should come as no surprise: Chicago is one of the most pro-immigration spots in the country, with a city hall that has prevented police from checking the immigration status of residents. In fact, what seems more surprising (more…)