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“Toxic” doesn’t do justice to Iron Mountain runoff

The EPA’s new regional administrator, Jared Blumenfeld,  joined California officials deep inside an otherworldly realm of deadly caustic waste deemed the most toxic place on earth, reports Peter Fimrite of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Iron Mountain Mine lies nine miles from the city of Redding at the north end of the Sacramento Valley. It was first tapped in the 1890s as a source of sulfuric acid and later for copper.  When miners uncovered vast deposits of pyrite, exposing it to oxygen, water and bacteria, it began breaking down and creating poisonous runoff. (more…)

Iron Mountain Mine the Gold Standard for Environmental Hazards

In the shadow of the more or less pristine Mt. Shasta and Trinity Alps lies one of the most contaminated sites on Earth. Now an Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site, the Iron Mountain Mine has been undergoing remediation for over two decades and has been acknowledged as an environmental problem for over a century. (more…)