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House Republicans have their cake, eat it too

Sean Duffy

Ron Nixon of the New York Times looks at several U.S. House Republicans who were elected on a platform of spending cuts but who are also pushing for spending projects of questionable merit in their districts. This is a timely report as House Republicans have taken a “No, more cuts!” position during deficit-reduction negotiations. These Republicans are hypocritical, effective, or both.


Michelle Bachmann might be right

Few politicians are as polarizing as Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann. So it’s no surprise that Democrats are going after her vote to defund TARP’s Home Affordable Modification Program, reports Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent. But Bachmann is doing nothing different than her Republican colleagues who already voted to terminate a Federal Housing Administration foreclosure prevention measure and who have spoken in favor of eliminating all such Obama programs.

Another thing:  Bachmann has a point. Even progressives readily admit that HAMP is a failure that has yet to gain momentum. Democrats who support of foreclosure prevention programs should propose an alternative plan of action than defend the current menu of policies.

Attention-grabbing headline: Will private contractors prevent naked internet pictures of Michelle Bachmann?

Bachmann: in clothes

Derek Wallbank at Minn Post deftly ties the latest crazy thing said by Michelle Bachmann to the complicated issue of whether airport security scanners should be Transportation Security Administration employees or private contractors. Traveling through Iowa as a possible presidential candidate, the Republican representative from Minnesota said she will not go through full-body scanners at airports anymore. The reason she gives is that naked pictures of herself may wind up on the Internet. (more…)