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Better regulation needed because oil and water don’t mix

Ever wonder why more aggressive government regulation makes sense?  Read Ian Shapira’s minute-by-minute account in the Washington Post about seafood buyers for major supermarkets who are trying to make sure Americans have fresh, safe fish to eat.  Just the hint of petroleum in the fish Americans buy every day is enough to force seafood purchasing overseas, where suppliers don’t maintain as high food safety standards as U.S. companies.  The money goes abroad.  The fish may be worse in quality and come from rapacious fish harvesting practices. (more…)


People in Washington are talking about James Surowiecki’s New Yorker piece on government regulation in part because it’s The New Yorker, and in part because Surowiecki gets it right.  Here are the key points:

About federal agencies in the last decade or so:  “too little supervision encouraged corporate recklessness, while the existence of these agencies encouraged public complacency.” (more…)