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Illinois and racial profiling

The ACLU is calling for the federal Department of Justice to investigate whether or not Illinois cops use racial bias in traffic stop searches, reports Patrick Yeagle of the Illinois Times. A new study produced by the Illinois Department of Transportation found a slight disparity between the number of minorities stopped and the number of minorities who live in Illinois. It looks like real claims of bias lie in specific communities like Springfield, where 41 percent of all drivers stopped in 2010 were minorities and just 15 percent of the Springfield population is minority.

Anti-immigrant law a stoplight for Arizona economy

Outrage over Arizona’s controversial immigration law reached new heights Wednesday when a bipartisan group of lawmakers in California’s Senate unveiled a non-binding resolution urging public entities including cities, state agencies and pension funds from investing, visiting or doing business with Arizona or companies located there, Susan Ferriss of the Sacramento Bee reports.

The measure also recommends nixing travel and urges private companies in California to sever their ties to Arizona. (more…)