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Car culture run out on a rail in LA?

Los Angeles is making tracks.

Known as much for its film industry and beaches as its mini-malls and traffic jams, Los Angeles officials have taken a substantial leap towards rebuilding the city’s once-comprehensive railway network.

Local transportation officials unanimously approved a $5.15 billion, nine and a half mile extension of the Los Angeles Metro along busy Wilshire Boulevard, report Dan Weikel and Howard Blume of the Los Angeles Times.

Under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles has been more focused on mass transit projects. Until recently, LA’s mass transit system was jokingly referred to as somewhere to escape from crowds.  Now, Los Angeles is slowly rebuilding a workable network that could begin offering a viable alternative to driving, at least for some destinations. (more…)

Life in the slow lane

The future is here — and it’s nothing to get excited about. The Chicago Tribune’s Richard Wronski reports on the strikingly modest 30-year plan for Chicago transportation projects, drawn up by the Chicago Metropolitan Area Planning area. (more…)

Sacramento project backed by stimulus hits high prices

Considered among the nation’s largest urban infill projects since Denver converted Stapleton Airport into a neighborhood, the ambitious plan to redevelop Sacramento’s massive railroad yard hit a snag, according to Tony Bizjak in the Sacramento Bee.

The plan, backed by some $28 million in federal stimulus funds, (more…)