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Some recalled beef hit store shelves 10 months ago

Another day, another food recall. A California slaughterhouse is voluntarily recalling 1 million pounds of ground beef after seven people sickened by E.coli contamination had their illnesses traced to the meat.

According to an Associated Press brief in The New York Times, the recalled ground beef was processed by (more…)

Regulators Should Have Put the Brakes on Accelerator Problem

By Marci Greenstein

Why did it take federal regulators so long to look into unexplained acceleration by Toyota automobiles?  Peter Whoriskey and Frank Ahrens report in the Post that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is just getting around to investigating whether “engine electronics” caused Toyota’s acceleration  problem, not the brake pads or the floor mats, after “years of complaints” by motorists.  NHTSA will look at all manufacturers’ electronic gas pedals, not just Toyotas.  All newer cars are affected because, as Whoriskey and Ahrens report, “[i]n newer cars, that connection is made electronically, with pedal sensors relaying the driver’s intent to a computer. The operation of such systems can be unpredictable, critics say.”

Why the announcement of an across-the-board investigation now?  Because Congress is about to hold hearings on the problem, calling Toyota executives and regulators as witnesses. (more…)