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Stem cell research avoids the knife in California

A court injunction barring federal funds from being used on stem cell research could catapult California back into the leading edge of research.

That’s because state voters established their own stem cell research fund in 2004 with the passage of proposition 71.

About 35 percent of the $200 million in federal funds set aside for stem cell research grants this year haven’t yet been awarded and are now in legal limbo (more…)

True Fact: Government Agencies Cooperating

By Marci Greenstein

National Institutes of Health chief, Dr. Frances Collins was talking up his agency’s partnership with the Food and Drug Administration on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show last week.  The move is intended to speed up the process for getting drugs from laboratories to the marketplace.  What’s surprising is that this collaboration hasn’t happened sooner.  How often have we heard about patients desperate to get drugs that are successful in clinical trials but are moving at a snail’s pace through the FDA’s regulatory maze? (more…)