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An apple a day . . . or not

Almost every day I put an apple in my son’s lunch because it’s one of the few fruits he eats.  While I worry about his limited palate, I’ve always thought, “well, at least he’s eating an apple a day,” as the saying goes.  So the USDA’s announcement that apples contain the highest concentration of pesticide residue of any produce – and are ranked number one on the Environment Working Group’s list of the “dirty dozen” fruits and vegetables – was a punch to the gut. (more…)

BPA: Could California again be an environmental leader for the U.S.?

California’s state Assembly delivered a sharp slap across the face of the chemical industry Thursday, approving a bill that would phase out a controversial form of plastic from certain items made for young children.

The strategically named “Toxin-Free Toddlers and Babies Act” would ban Bisphenol-A or BPA, a type of plastic, from baby bottles and other items designed to be used for feeding children under age 3 in 2012, according to Susan Carpenter of the Los Angeles Times. (more…)