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The Greening of Detroit

Most news out of Detroit is either bad or really bad, so it’s refreshing to see this report from Paul Egan of the Detroit News that the Motor City has planted more than 600 trees via $200,000 in the stimulus bill. The project will be winding down soon, but the city has a goal of 40 percent canopy cover by 2035.

Forest Service says local is better for flora & fauna

Environmentalists are concerned that a new U.S. Forest Service proposal that moves decision-making about forest and wetlands maintenance to local officials of the service would mean a rollback of conservation standards, according to reporting by Darryl Fears in the Washington Post.  Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack says the reforms would acknowledge the differences between forests in America’s diverse climates and landscapes, but some experts say it leaves too much discretion to local officials.

But in cases where a Washington agency wants to give up some control — and offer responsibility to its local representatives — isn’t it good for democracy, and not necessarily a threat to forests?  It might cause some problems, but it might also empower local activists and concerned citizens.  And the debate would not have to go through the Washington bottleneck.