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LaHood enables O’Hare expansion

Ray LaHood

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation will give Chicago’s O’Hare international airport $155 million to help build a third runway as part of the O’Hare modernization plan. The way Chicago Tribune’s Jon Hilkevitch reports it, it seems like Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood probably sighed and said, “Okay, okay just give Chicago the damn money” before moving on to more interesting business. A recurring theme of O’Hare expansion is that Washington pushes the project along but airline companies and the city fail to take the next steps. (more…)

A lawsuit deferred is a lawsuit…

After meeting with U.S. Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, United and American airline executives postponed — by an entire week! — their lawsuit against the city of Chicago, reports Andrew M. Harris of Bloomberg. (more…)

Airplane!: The Merger

The Obama administration has brought antitrust regulation back from the dead.  What does that mean for Chicago-based United Airlines’ purchase of Continental Airlines? (more…)