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Water, water not everywhere (especially not in the Southwest)

As trapped carbon dioxide raises temperatures around the world, water will become even more scarce in the already arid southwest, according to a report released yesterday by the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, together with the Army Corps of Engineers.

While a story by Bettina Boxall in the Los Angeles Times says California as a whole will end the century receiving about as much water as it does today, though precipitation will be distributed differently. (more…)

Reason to question California’s “reasonable use” standard on water resources

Small alterations to irrigation practices used by California farmers could remove the need for massive new dams and canals, better protect the environment and leave more drinking water for residential customers, according to a report expected to be released to state water regulators in California next week.  Bettina Boxall profiles that report in the Los Angeles Times.

The report, certain to spark controversy among those benefiting from the status quo, suggests regulators revisit the legalistic phrase “reasonable use” in the state’s constitution: (more…)

Interest in global warming not drying up in California

A 23-member committee of California business leaders, academics and environmentalists is urging once and future Governor Jerry Brown to create a broad climate risk council to focus and coordinate the new administration’s efforts in regard to global warming, reports Margot Roosevelt in the Los Angeles Times.

Although there is little new in the group’s 70-page report, which avoids advocating any controversial measures, the big story is that the disparate groups are acting in concert. (more…)