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Hope for water progress in California may be evaporating

Talks aimed at forging a compromise in California’s intractable water wars — in process for more than a decade — hit a potentially serious snag as the nation’s largest irrigation district announced it would no longer contribute to the cost of studies. (more…)

Let it flow: more water than expected for farmers in California

Shasta Dam

Ho-hum, Doomsday has been postponed again.

All the warnings of a parched summer for California agriculture just went down the drain.  California growers will receive just under half of their contracted allotments of federal irrigation water, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced Monday. (more…)

No water left for the ocean in California

Farming interests triumphed over environmentalists and federal officials in round 6742 of the California water wars as a federal judge eased pumping restrictions Tuesday in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, sending more river water to farms and leaving less for endangered fish. At least for the next three weeks. (more…)